I’d picked up a toy stethoscope at the kids expo — it actually works! — and been holding it back for just the right moment. Molly yesterday asked for a “special new toy,” so I figured, heck. 😀

I told her I had something for her, to use whenever she wanted to be “Doctor Molly.”

She looked me straight in the eyes, even before I opened the box. “It’s a stethoscope,” she said. 😀

And she put it right to work!

…She said “Where’s the robot’s bump-bump, bump-bump?” 😀

In other news, mom’s been cycling to work every nice day we’ve had. Molly finally noticed, and responded by wanting to ride her big-girl bike with mom!

It’s a Strider bike, with no pedals. Below is video from day one and day two, and on her second day out she’s even getting some gliding going on!


Her sense of balance is getting great. It’s fun to watch — she’s learning how to do it, and I’m incredibly proud. 🙂

Molly’s also establishing herself as more “in charge” when it comes to the dogs. Here she is feeding Rojo — and getting him to sit. 😀


Yesterday, when Molly woke up, she said “Where are we going to?”

So I offered her several options, including the zoo and pool. She said “I want to stay home today and play here.”

So we did. 😀 Lots of swinging, lots of playing with toys inside and out. Lots of talking about bugs and flies and things, lots of reading. It was a great day, and a good reminder that sometimes it’s OK not to have a full calendar. 😀

Here’s Molly doing some home cookin’ out in her playhouse; she’d gone out and started playing with her pots and pans, then stopped and said “I want my new oven. You go inside and get it for me, I’ll stay here and not get into trouble.” 😀


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