The peach trees have decided: it’s spring.

Molly’s been spending a lot of time outside, in part because of the great weather and in part because the girl next door got a hamster.

I found out after Molly and mom got back from a visit. Molly ran up to give me a hug, and offered, helpfully, “When you squeeze hamsters, they poop.” 😀

Molly wants to go play with the girl next door almost all the time now. And she cries when it’s time to leave. Things eased up a little when the girl got a new waterslide — and we bought the “old” one for a song — but it turns out, slides and hamsters notwithstanding, they just like to play together. The other girl’s 4 or so, and I think they’re communicating pretty well.

Here’s Molly getting dressed to go over and visit. She knows exactly how cute she is. 🙂

I was going to offer a few videos of Molly working on her reading with mom, but frankly this one of her “reading” by herself is a lot more fun.


…And finally, here she is after a lot of reading, and frankly just before we all konk out for bed. 😀


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