Summer livin’

Mom and dad found some new dress-up costumes at a garage sale. The winner so far is the mermaid, who also likes to wear fairy wings and drive a Jeep.


In other news, we’ve been having great weather lately. I mean, it snowed today, but until then it’s been in the 80s and sunny. So we picked up the neighbor’s old blowup slide pool for a song, and have been having a grand old time with it. Molly’s first trick was to swing off the rope from the top — turn up the volume on this one, I shot it with the phone:


Then of course, we needed to add water. Dad had a great idea to heat it up a bit:

Yes, it’s a 10-foot-long solar panel. It was a Craigslist purchase, and I have two. It manages to dump a few gallons of super hot water, then it just raises our 61 degree ground water to 72 in one pass. Which is better than nothing, considering I hooked it up in about sixty seconds.

Molly approved.

…and the neighborhood followed!

We actually did this a couple of afternoons in a row… we’d inflate and fill the pool, and the neighbors would wander over. Mom and I set up a few chairs in the shade, and we all talked while the kids splashed around. Pretty easy living!

Here’s a cute one of one of Molly’s little buddies. He’s about a year younger, but he’s a big boy!

Bonus video: the weather turns cool, and Molly tries to get Rojo to fetch. šŸ˜€


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