And so it goes.

It has been some time since an update; things have been busy. But that’s only part of the delay.

The other part is that I’ve been deciding on whether to wind things up, and the answer is yes. From the start I knew the blog had to have a lifespan, and I’ve been toying with how to decide when to call it quits. Molly is starting to become fully Molly, and it’s less a blog about a new baby and more about a person — a person whose privacy and safety will always come first. Molly turned 3 years old recently, and any day now it’s going to become impossible to keep her anonymous on the web.

What’s more, I’m increasingly finding myself choosing between doing things with/for Molly and doing the blog. So the best thing for us now is to say thanks to everyone who’s been following along, and hang it up.

I won’t of course leave you with nothing. Here’s a very big Molly swimming at out-of-town grandma and grandpa’s hotel pool; they came into town for Molly’s big birthday party.

Out-of-town grandma made a birthday cupcake dress! Molly insisted on wearing it to school, along with the appropriate accessories.

This was Molly’s big present from mom and dad: the bus bed. Dad built it, mom decorated it. We had it out in the driveway for the party!

Features include interior pockets, a hammock, a dashboard with steering wheel and several buttons that play sounds and light up things. The headlights work, they’re about night-light brightness. And of course Molly’s guests thought it was a blast to play in/around/on.

Here it is (finally) up in her room. I built the walls to break down, but it was still a bit of a chore. Glad it’s in — she slept on it last night and today for nap!

The next-door neighbor girl (the older one) and her dad made Molly a pinata! Hooray! Whack!

And there was a cake, thanks to local grandma picking it up for us. A cupcake cake. With ice cream inside.

It was a great party, and Molly loved every minute. 🙂

And I’ve loved every minute of doing “Raising Molly.” I’m so glad I’ve kept this blog. Molly’s first three years are pretty much all here, and I already enjoy perusing them. She’s grown up so quickly, and has been so much fun so far. I just can’t wait to see what she’ll give us tomorrow.

The future looks bright, indeed. Thanks, everyone. 🙂